Albert Loves Maria

Roa Floral Event Design

When the bride told me she was moving to Calgary, my heart broke into million pieces.

She was my high school BFF; to let her go was very hard for me. Yes, sometimes it is hard to let go of someone you love, but I learned to. And to see her now, even happier than before, makes my heart sing and my soul dance.


These two were high school sweethearts. They promised each other that they would never part, yet they inevitably had to go their separate ways. Thirty years later, destiny brought them back together again.

To my BFF, Maria, and your knight in shining armour, Albert. I guess your paths were always meant to cross again. Here’s to you and your happy never ending fairytale!

Personal Bridal Images courtesy of Marincat Photography.

Floral and event detail images by Hong Photography.

Taken at the Westwood Plateau and Golf Club.
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