Corporate Event Designs

25th Gingerbread Lane Anniversary at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver

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What a treat to be working with Hyatt Regency Vancouver and Make-A-Wish Foundation on its 25th year running. There’s a reason ROA Designs has been coming back year after year decorating the Gingerbread Lane – something about the sweetness of gingerbread, and the labours of love that go into charitable events like these. This marks our tenth year doing this and we’re already looking forward to the next.

The Christmas trees we decorated were a hit as many guests who walked down Gingerbread Lane had a sweet spot for taking selfies, especially with the handsome Toy Soldiers keeping guard and the ever jolly Father Christmas. Who could blame them! Special thanks to Maurelle Calligraphy for designing a banner to round out the festive look and feel of the event.

Photography by: Raymond and Jessie Leung Photography

Westin Bayshore Vancouver’s Associate Winter Gala

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This corporate themed event allowed ROA Designs to transform Vancouver’s Westin Bayshore into a winter wonderland for a night – and it was magical. Snowflake-shaped lights projected on the wall, icicles as a centrepiece, a white dance floor coupled with a life-sized image of a winter backdrop with a bridge completed this icy cool winter scene. (It was like a scene straight out of Frozen!) It was one of our more minimalistic designs and made for a great look and feel for the Westin’s Associate Winter Gala. What a cool way to wind down and chill out with colleagues.

Images taken by: Raymond and Jessie Leung Photography

Pinnacle Harbourfront Vancouver Hotel Wedding Open House

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We were asked to design two table vignettes for Pinnacle Harbourfront’s inaugural Hotel Wedding Open House. What did we bring to the table? Other than handmade paper flowers and heavenly scented fresh blooms, we brought in specialty linens all the way from sunny California to brighten things up, along with lace and pearl fabric from Switzerland to add a layer of depth and intricacy to the spread. Special thanks to the elegant calligraphy by none other than Maurelle Calligraphy.

Images taken by: Edward Lai Photography

Chinese Kitchen Reception at the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver: PCMA Vancouver Event

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The Four Seasons Hotel asked ROA Designs to work in collaboration with Art of the Party, one of Vancouver’s leading event design firms. We joined our heads together for the first ever PCMA Vancouver convention reception, a cocktail event hosted for convening leaders.

Art of the Party designed and brought the room to life with all the decor pieces, giving the room an Old Shanghai look feel with a modern twist. You’ll notice the colour red prominent in the overall design which was tastefully done in our eyes. ROA Designs provided luxurious tropical floral blooms and greens that were flown in especially for the event. To top it off, the complete Chinese Kitchen added great flavour (dim sum food was a hit – yum!).

Images taken by: Raymond and Jessie Leung Photography

Luxury Wedding Brochure Launch: Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver

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ROA Designs collaborated with Art of the Party to design the iconic Chartwell Room at the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver. The main event: unveiling the Luxury Wedding Brochure. Guests of the night were Vancouver’s top wedding industry movers and shakers which naturally called for gold and glitter. It was a night to mix and mingle, all while sipping great cocktails and indulging in the hotel’s best hors d’oeuvres and desserts.

Images taken by: Raymond and Jessie Leung Photography.

Doorman’s Dinner Honouring Christopher Gaze (Bard on the Beach): CHILD Foundation

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I have been designing for the C.H.I.L.D. Foundation for the past seven years. This year’s Doormen’s Dinner, held at The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, honoured Mr. Christopher Gaze, Founding Artistic Director of The Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival. You’ll notice some Shakespearean-inspired touches. Celebrating art for a good cause? Count me in. This event is very special to my heart and one way I can give back to the greater community.

Images taken by: Hong Photography.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver Gingerbread Lane and Holiday Designs

CC Roa Corporate Event Designs, Holiday Designs November 11, 2015

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Photography Credit: Raymond and Jessie Leung Photography

2015 will mark ROA’s 11th year working on the Hyatt Regency Vancouver’s Gingerbread Lane and Hotel holiday designs. Apart from the glorious gingerbread creations that never cease to wow us year over year, what’s perhaps the sweetest thing about this annual holiday event is their charity partnership with Make-A-Wish BC. It’s such a joy to see the smiles on the wish kids’ faces, making the elbow grease I put into this event worth it every single time. Here are some photos from last year’s event to whet your appetite. I can’t wait to be a part of Hyatt’s 25th holiday celebration!

Le Soleil Vancouver Hotel – Christmas Designs

CC Roa Corporate Event Designs, Holiday Designs November 10, 2015

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Old world elegance with new world flare, Le Soleil boutique hotel in Vancouver “reflects stylish sophistication and warmth” making it such a thrill to be part of their holiday tradition. Keeping the overall vibe of the venue top of mind, our design palette was carefully crafted and mindful to what this luxe location was all about. Our colour scheme had gold, burgundy reds, green, with a pop of fuchsia pink to add a bit of fun to the mix.I had the pleasure of decking out their main entrance, lobby, foyer, common areas, and their Copper Chimney restaurant.

To the warm and friendly team behind Le Soleil, it’s always with great joy we design in your amazing space. Your smiles and constant holiday cheer make us love what we do even more – ROA can’t wait to get started with this year’s designs.

Four Seasons Vancouver Hotel Corporate Social Club

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Photography Credit: Chris Chong of Butter Studios Photographers

Home to one of the best pool deck spaces in Vancouver, the team behind Four Seasons Hotel didn’t need to ask me twice before I plunged head first into this fun corporate event design opportunity. For their first of many ‘Social Monday’ events, the Four Seasons Hotel really outdid themselves. Needless to say the entire ROA team was head over heels with excitement to be part of this new summer tradition. What a fun venue to clank cups, put your feet up, and just chillax after a long day, week, or quarter, at work. Who said corporate events needed to be boring? Poolside chillin’ – count me in!

A big thank you to Mr. Chris Chong (yes, the incomparable Mr. Chong) for capturing this fun summer event which really brought out the splash into summer.