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My Dream Wedding Show: Pinnacle Harbourfront Vancouver Hotel

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I was ecstatic when the team at Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront in Vancouver asked us to design the tablescape and booth for their fifth annual My Dream Wedding Show. “Showcasing the latest in wedding trends”, this event aims to feature the best wedding professionals in Vancouver. It was focused around all things weddings – lovely gowns, fashion, beauty, and wedding design – AKA all my favourite things wrapped up in one dreamy night.

Images taken by Jozef Povazan Photography.

Pinnacle Harbourfront Vancouver Hotel Wedding Open House

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We were asked to design two table vignettes for Pinnacle Harbourfront’s inaugural Hotel Wedding Open House. What did we bring to the table? Other than handmade paper flowers and heavenly scented fresh blooms, we brought in specialty linens all the way from sunny California to brighten things up, along with lace and pearl fabric from Switzerland to add a layer of depth and intricacy to the spread. Special thanks to the elegant calligraphy by none other than Maurelle Calligraphy.

Images taken by: Edward Lai Photography

Chinese Kitchen Reception at the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver: PCMA Vancouver Event

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The Four Seasons Hotel asked ROA Designs to work in collaboration with Art of the Party, one of Vancouver’s leading event design firms. We joined our heads together for the first ever PCMA Vancouver convention reception, a cocktail event hosted for convening leaders.

Art of the Party designed and brought the room to life with all the decor pieces, giving the room an Old Shanghai look feel with a modern twist. You’ll notice the colour red prominent in the overall design which was tastefully done in our eyes. ROA Designs provided luxurious tropical floral blooms and greens that were flown in especially for the event. To top it off, the complete Chinese Kitchen added great flavour (dim sum food was a hit – yum!).

Images taken by: Raymond and Jessie Leung Photography

Luxury Wedding Brochure Launch: Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver

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ROA Designs collaborated with Art of the Party to design the iconic Chartwell Room at the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver. The main event: unveiling the Luxury Wedding Brochure. Guests of the night were Vancouver’s top wedding industry movers and shakers which naturally called for gold and glitter. It was a night to mix and mingle, all while sipping great cocktails and indulging in the hotel’s best hors d’oeuvres and desserts.

Images taken by: Raymond and Jessie Leung Photography.

Doorman’s Dinner Honouring Christopher Gaze (Bard on the Beach): CHILD Foundation

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I have been designing for the C.H.I.L.D. Foundation for the past seven years. This year’s Doormen’s Dinner, held at The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, honoured Mr. Christopher Gaze, Founding Artistic Director of The Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival. You’ll notice some Shakespearean-inspired touches. Celebrating art for a good cause? Count me in. This event is very special to my heart and one way I can give back to the greater community.

Images taken by: Hong Photography.

Luxe Wedding Yacht Designs

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Luxe Location: The Wedding Yacht, Coal Harbour Marina

Image Credit: Hong Photography

“I wish to see lots and lots of flowers, like how you did at the Westin Bayshore – just surprise me!” It makes my job easy when my clients know exactly what they want; it’s a bonus when they reference previous work that I have done, and trust me enough to add my own spin to it. From building a floral pillar, to covering a sweetheart table with fresh blooms, to placing a floral garland atop the guest sign-in table, I certainly didn’t hold back from fulfilling the bride’s all-flowers-everything request. Add in some calligraphy masterfully done by Maurelle Calligraphy, along with chameleon chairs covered in rich golden velvet covers flown in from LA, making a fitting combination for this ultra chic location – The Wedding Yacht. Every well thought-out detail fitting for the gorgeous couple, Lorraine and Sylvain. A yacht wedding where fresh flowers complimented this once in lifetime journey.

Casey Loves Michelle

CC Roa Floral Events, Wedding Design Inspirations November 13, 2015

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Two years ago, I had the honour of designing for this bride’s sister’s wedding. So when ROA got the call from Michelle to design her wedding florals, I was thrilled at the opportunity to work closely with this lovely family once again. A special request from the bride was to incorporate a broach that her dearest Nana had given her. From there, the tone had been set to approach every intricate detail with care from a loving place. This wedding had family at the core and being family-oriented myself, it was my absolute pleasure. The day was filled with beautiful flowers, grave attention to detail and above all, a striking colour palette pleasing to the eyes. All this blended so well in Vancouver Club’s iconic and timeless space.

Thank you Michelle and Casey for having us be a part of your big day. Having your wedding story featured on WedLuxe Magazine made it extra special to us, and we hope many brides and grooms are inspired by your impeccable taste in floral and event designs.

Nick Loves Klara

CC Roa Floral Events, Wedding Design Inspirations November 13, 2015

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Photography Credit: Blush Wedding Photography

Calligraphy: Maurelle de los Santos of Sweet Maurelle Calligraphy

As you may know, peonies only bloom during certain times of the year. When this bride approached me with her heartfelt wish to have peonies as part of her wedding – blooms that were already out of season by this time – I knew I needed to work my magic. With the flick of my wand (and great suppliers around the globe), the peonies were specially flown in to fulfill her request. I’ll let these photos speak for themselves on the impact they had on the overall aesthetic.

Modern Secret Garden Design – The Vancouver Club Bridal Event

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Photography Credit: Hong Photography

This bridal event had me feeling like the ultimate VIP. What a humbling experience for ROA to be among the top 3 Floral Event Design Firms invited exclusively by the Vancouver Club. What better way to keep the VIP theme going than through a Secret Garden wedding design? This enchanting concept used only the freshest blooms. My personal favourite detail was how the glass cylinders (photographed above) were arranged: each custom designed by my right hand, Jamie.

Stanley Park Pavilion Wedding Details

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Photography Credit: Denise Lin Photography

“The calm before the storm” is a fitting line for the photos you see above. This gorgeous wedding took place when Vancouver was hit by a big windstorm in August. To paint you a picture, Stanley Park was closed for hours, making it difficult for vendors to get inside the Pavilion in the morning.The interior design and floral arrangement added a ray of sun this gloomy day needed. To add even more love and light, Denise of Denise Lin Photography insisted she stick to her promise of capturing this wedding. Thank you, Denise, for braving the storm. Through thick and thin, sun and wind indeed.

Haiku Mill Style Shoot

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This is a personal favourite of mine. I’ll keep this short and sweet so as not to take away from the breathtaking photos above which speak volumes to the beauty behind this gorgeous destination shoot. Not only was it a dream come true for me to work on location in Maui (one of my favourite corners of the world), but working alongside Maui, Toronto, and Vancouver’s best in the business was huge for me. A special thank you goes out to Ellen and Jomari for flying all the way from Vancouver to help make this once in a lifetime destination shoot come to fruition. Aloha and mahalo!

Concept Producers: CC Roa (Vancouver) and Sylvia Hamilton-Kerr (Haiku Mill)

Styling, Floral Event Designs: ROA Floral and Event Designs (Vancouver)
Lead Photographer: Ellen Ho of Hong Photography Studio (Vancouver)
BTS Cinematographer: Jomari Dumalasa of Flip Vision Productions (Vancouver)
Hair and MUA: Ry-n Shimabuku for Ry-n – Makeup Artist (Maui)
Bridal Gown: Bisou Bridal (Vancouver)
Jewellery: Jeweliette Jewellery (Vancouver)
Cake Designs: Emmalee Larsen for Cake Fanatics (Lahaina)
Flatware: SET Maui (Makawao)
Stationary: Ferris Wheel Press (Toronto)
Model:Kuulei (Honolulu)
Location Venues: Haiku Mill, Ho’okipa Beach Park (Maui)

Pan Pacific Hotel Wedding Details

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Image Credit: Ellen Ho of Hong Photography

I admit, the grandmother of the bride is a character I don’t normally work hand in hand with for weddings, but it’s what made this event one that is near and dear to my heart. The increasing levels of stress that started to pile up as the big day was getting closer didn’t faze us; one thing that kept me going was the immense amount of trust placed in me from day one.

The bride’s Nana expressed how she wanted her granddaughter to look extra special on the big day, requesting for a timeless and classy look to go well with the space – the Oceanview Suites at the ultra luxe Pan Pacific Vancouver. Moments before the Ballroom doors were opened to guests on the day of, I gave the bride’s Nana and Papa a sneak peek at the space which we had transformed into a floral haven. Both were in complete awe. Papa said, “I have been in town; been around for a while, you know. But this is the most beautiful space I have ever seen. You gave us timeless beauty. Thank you.” After hearing these words, I knew we had done our job. Thank you to the bride and groom for sharing this special day with us. And to our handsome groom, we know Justine will always be on 7th heaven with you.

Four Seasons Vancouver Hotel Corporate Social Club

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Photography Credit: Chris Chong of Butter Studios Photographers

Home to one of the best pool deck spaces in Vancouver, the team behind Four Seasons Hotel didn’t need to ask me twice before I plunged head first into this fun corporate event design opportunity. For their first of many ‘Social Monday’ events, the Four Seasons Hotel really outdid themselves. Needless to say the entire ROA team was head over heels with excitement to be part of this new summer tradition. What a fun venue to clank cups, put your feet up, and just chillax after a long day, week, or quarter, at work. Who said corporate events needed to be boring? Poolside chillin’ – count me in!

A big thank you to Mr. Chris Chong (yes, the incomparable Mr. Chong) for capturing this fun summer event which really brought out the splash into summer.

Tony Loves Jessie

CC Roa Floral Events, Wedding Design Inspirations November 10, 2015

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Photography Credit: Raymond and Jessie Leung Photography

I’ll admit I was bit nervous when Tony, a friend in the industry, first approached me to do the floral and event designs for his wedding. In the initial planning phase, starting from square one can sometimes be a bit daunting; though, the moment I sat down and started mind-mapping the couple’s Secret Garden concept, their vision naturally started to come to life. Along with this exciting development came the blossoming of our friendship making it stronger than before. The devil’s in the details – it didn’t matter what time of day or which season we were in (to paint you a picture, we worked tirelessly through scorching summer days) – we did what needed to be done to meet every single detail.

Perhaps my favourite memory from this day was getting a quick glimpse of our magnificent bride, Jessy, arm in arm with her father, moments before walking down the aisle. Not only was she dressed to a T, but the warmth of her smile made my heart melt.

Thank you, Tony and Jessy, for making us a part of your wedding day. It’s no secret that your garden of love will continue to blossom beautifully.

Joey Loves Tara Lynne

CC Roa Floral Events, Wedding Design Inspirations November 10, 2015


316160_10150307302892981_1743249650_n  313139_10150307299262981_938379091_n 307299_10150307300417981_1496882929_n 310443_10150307303207981_2044755909_n

Photography Credit: Lyndsay London

My favourite things about this bride were her bubbly personality, her great sense of fashion (work it, girl!), and our shared love for travel. She lives to create special moments and lasting memories with those closest to her, especially her Prince Charming – Joey. The sparkle in her smile and the twinkle in his eyes paired perfectly on their special day with the bride’s one and only request: “a petite bouquet with a touch of bling.” This rockstar couple was an absolute joy to work with.