Fly Away With Me – Luxe Styled Shoot


Through the collaboration of Cristina Samper Pearl of Fluent Events and CC and Jamie Roa of ROA

Designs, their combined creative ingenuity was brought to life through Nomo Akisawa’s whimsical photography. Their
brainchild: An Amelia Earhart-inspired theme with the dream of ‘flying away’ with your significant other at
the forefront.

Amelia Earhart was a powerful woman whose courage, persistence, and goal-oriented nature continues to inspire
others to this day. As bold and daring as she was, she remained feminine, charming, and had a softness to her
which made her so endearing. The act of flying represents freedom, independence, and liberation – all things that
Amelia Earhart embodied throughout her life and career.

Sentiments associated to love resemble that of a dream; having your head in the clouds whenever you’re with that
special someone. And thus, the ‘Fly Away With Me’ theme emerged. It combines elements of Amelia Earhart’s

personal qualities and spirit, with the dreamy notion of being swept off our feet feeling like you’re on cloud nine –
while still staying grounded in real love – apparent throughout.

Being able to bring together a group of passionate artists and designers who are masterful at their craft and produce
great work, making this styled shoot like no other.

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a.) Photography: Simply Sweet Photography
b.) Production/Design : Fluent Productions

c.) Styling, Floral and Designs/Decor, Co-Production: ROA Floral and Event Designs

d) BTS Video: Flip Vision Productions

e.) Premium Stationary: Vintage Wedding Love by Greenbrooke & Co.

f.) Candelabra, Louis Chairs, Oak and Linen Love Seat, Decorative Vintage Plane, Vintage Suitcase: Art of the Party

g.) Tableware, Table, Linen: Pedersen’s Rentals

h.) Vintage Books and Suitcases: Niche Events Stylist

i.) Cake and Macaron: Le Gateau

j.) MUA: Jasmine Hoffman

k.) Gown: “Vera Wang” Blush Bridal

l.) Jewellery: Elsa Corsi/Jeweliette Jewellery

m.) Venue Location: Mode Studios/Sky Helicopters

n.) Calligraphy – September Letters

o.) Table Accessories : The Cross Decor & Design

p.) Hair : Hair By Brands

q.) Shoes : Lords Shoes

r.) Models: Christina and Paris Haase