Four Seasons Vancouver Hotel Corporate Social Club

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Photography Credit: Chris Chong of Butter Studios Photographers

Home to one of the best pool deck spaces in Vancouver, the team behind Four Seasons Hotel didn’t need to ask me twice before I plunged head first into this fun corporate event design opportunity. For their first of many ‘Social Monday’ events, the Four Seasons Hotel really outdid themselves. Needless to say the entire ROA team was head over heels with excitement to be part of this new summer tradition. What a fun venue to clank cups, put your feet up, and just chillax after a long day, week, or quarter, at work. Who said corporate events needed to be boring? Poolside chillin’ – count me in!

A big thank you to Mr. Chris Chong (yes, the incomparable Mr. Chong) for capturing this fun summer event which really brought out the splash into summer.