Pan Pacific Hotel Wedding Details

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Image Credit: Ellen Ho of Hong Photography

I admit, the grandmother of the bride is a character I don’t normally work hand in hand with for weddings, but it’s what made this event one that is near and dear to my heart. The increasing levels of stress that started to pile up as the big day was getting closer didn’t faze us; one thing that kept me going was the immense amount of trust placed in me from day one.

The bride’s Nana expressed how she wanted her granddaughter to look extra special on the big day, requesting for a timeless and classy look to go well with the space – the Oceanview Suites at the ultra luxe Pan Pacific Vancouver. Moments before the Ballroom doors were opened to guests on the day of, I gave the bride’s Nana and Papa a sneak peek at the space which we had transformed into a floral haven. Both were in complete awe. Papa said, “I have been in town; been around for a while, you know. But this is the most beautiful space I have ever seen. You gave us timeless beauty. Thank you.” After hearing these words, I knew we had done our job. Thank you to the bride and groom for sharing this special day with us. And to our handsome groom, we know Justine will always be on 7th heaven with you.