Tony Loves Jessie

CC Roa Floral Events, Wedding Design Inspirations November 10, 2015

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Photography Credit: Raymond and Jessie Leung Photography

I’ll admit I was bit nervous when Tony, a friend in the industry, first approached me to do the floral and event designs for his wedding. In the initial planning phase, starting from square one can sometimes be a bit daunting; though, the moment I sat down and started mind-mapping the couple’s Secret Garden concept, their vision naturally started to come to life. Along with this exciting development came the blossoming of our friendship making it stronger than before. The devil’s in the details – it didn’t matter what time of day or which season we were in (to paint you a picture, we worked tirelessly through scorching summer days) – we did what needed to be done to meet every single detail.

Perhaps my favourite memory from this day was getting a quick glimpse of our magnificent bride, Jessy, arm in arm with her father, moments before walking down the aisle. Not only was she dressed to a T, but the warmth of her smile made my heart melt.

Thank you, Tony and Jessy, for making us a part of your wedding day. It’s no secret that your garden of love will continue to blossom beautifully.